Body Language Training

Profile Picture Package

Personality Training

People skills are typically overlooked, but they are crucial to building relationships and rapport with clients, coworkers, and everyone! 

You will learn how to master your own cues as well as read the cues of others.

Specific topics can be found below, or feel free to inquire about something else.


Live virtual training via Zoom is also available!

You will learn about your own personality and how it affects your behavior. This will also help you understand why others behave the way they do.

You will also learn how to optimize your personality to help you meet your goals.

Personality Training can be done separately or in conjunction with Body Language Training.

Live virtual training via Zoom is also available!

Your first impression happens the moment someone sees you! Make sure you're conveying what you want to convey.


Option 1: I can review everyone on the "our team" page of your company website and give custom feedback to those people. You and the employee can decide if you want to update the pictures or not.

Option 2: If you're in the Pittsburgh area and are hiring a photographer to take new pictures of your staff, I can come to the photoshoot and provide consulting and support to each individual on camera to get the best shot.

Combo package: Both options 1 and 2. With this package, I can also assist with helping individuals pick which photo is best.

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My Teaching Method

-Science-based research


-Applicable and solution-oriented

- General nonverbal skills
- First impressions
- Presence
- Charisma
- Leadership
- Perceptiveness
- Negotiation
- Pitching
- Phone Power
- Dating/Romance
- Human Lie detection

Have something else in mind? Feel free to inquire about a topic of your choosing!
Note: I will consider all ideas, but may not be able to take on all ideas.



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