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Virtual Perception Reframing sessions via Zyto Evox

Are you looking to improve relationships, improve your athletic performance, or achieve your goals? Zyto EVOX technology can be a support in helping you to clear emotional blockages that may be holding you back. When we change the way we see the world around us, we can make better decisions for ourselves.

The EVOX aids in Perception Reframing using biofeedback. EVOX sessions are done from the safety, convenience, and comfort of your own home (remotely) via ZYTO's remote software.

After reading the information below, please see my FAQ page for more answers to any questions you may have regarding the EVOX.

How Perception Reframing Can Help:

Here's how I like to think about perceptions. If you’ve ever had an eye exam, the doctor may have had you look through different lenses to see which one would help you see the best. Perceptions are very similar. You’re looking at the same thing/situation/circumstance, but since you're seeing through different "lenses", you’ll look at it in different ways. Old perceptions that may be stuck and/or detrimental can be released in favor of a new chosen perception. Therefore, with a new perception about a specific topic, you’re able to have different thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about the subject. You’re able to choose different actions and perspectives that may be more beneficial for you. 

What Do I Need?

- To be 18 or older

A ZYTO hand cradle

- A headset with a microphone

A Windows computer with internet access (ZYTO software only works on Windows computers.) Please see ZYTO's website for the technical specifications.

ZYTO remote software and hand cradle driver downloaded on the Windows computer.

- Zoom (So I can share my screen with you during the session)

Emotional Readiness

Bodycipher, LLC provides EVOX sessions for clients who are pursuing self-improvement and self-development, not as a substitute for medical, legal, or mental health advice or care. If you are emotionally distressed or in need of significant or immediate support, an EVOX session is not the best place to start nor the most effective use of your financial resources.

Please note that I do not take on clients experiencing self-harm; suicidal or homicidal thoughts, feelings, or actions; abusive situations; crime-related incidents; clients who wish to discuss another person in their life in any of the previously listed scenarios; or any similar serious situations. Instead, please seek out a licensed counselor, doctor/physician, or legal professional.

Bodycipher, LLC reserves the right to deny services to anyone.

What People Are Saying About the EVOX:

Several subtle changes occurred within me during my first session, the power and impact of which became increasingly clear as time went on. The work and its impact deepened with the second session, and I’ve been noticing positive differences in my moods, energy, and attitude ever since. –R. A.

I can’t believe how much junk does not bother me! This last session sort of knocked something loose. I’m doing so well, it is ridiculous! Mean people & stressful situations have absolutely NO effect on me. Another thing; I used to run from stressful situations and avoid possible conflict at all costs. I would literally start to have a panic attack. Gone! How cool is that! I keep thinking “I’m not freaking out about this or that.” –R. L.

I am so amazed and very pleased with the energetic shifts in my thinking, and noticeable changes in my behavior, which are the result of Perception Reframing sessions. –E.B.


I'm Ready to Start!

Great! Please send me an email (from an email address you give me permission to reply to) so I can send you a few forms.

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