Body Language Training (via Zoom)

Exclusively for Professionals, Companies, Colleges, & Universities

People skills are often overlooked, but they are crucial to building relationships & rapport, succeeding at job interviews, pitching & negotiation, and interacting with clients, coworkers, romantic interests, friends, and family.

You will learn how to understand and master your own cues as well as read and respond appropriately to the cues of others.

All body language content and materials come from Science of People.

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All trainings come with a Q&A

1-Hour Trainings

     All include the foundational framework

     5 topic options: (1 per 1-hour training)
          - Charisma
          - First Impressions
          - Leadership
          - Perceptiveness
          - Presence


3-Hour Comprehensive Training

     Includes the foundational framework + all 5 topic

     options from above

My Teaching Method

-Based on science research 




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